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Mud, mud, glorious mud

Are there more and more photos in your Facebook timeline of friends covered in mud, splattered with paint or looking like they just went swimming in their running kit? If so, it’s likely they’ve got in on one the UK’s fastest growing fitness...

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Don’t skimp on your functional training!

Obstacle racing combines numerous disciplines and requires training in running, strength work and obstacle techniques. Whilst running forms the fundamental basis for getting around the course, some runners neglect the exercises which will help drag and pull them over...

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The ultimate kit guide for an OCR event

As a teenager, I was in the scouts. Our motto “be prepared” has never been as relevant to me as it is in OCR. I’m always prepared for whatever the weather, so I tend to carry 3 variations of kit with me at every race, hence the massive hold-all! Warm kit...

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Earning my Bling: A Mud Queen story

I’m a fun runner and miss obstacles. Controversial? Maybe... I train hard for my races, going to the gym and I’ve even joined a running club. The main reason I may miss obstacles is fear. Fear of heights and fear of watching people watching me...

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Tough Tribe 2018 Event


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Training Facility Official Opening April 2018


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Tough Tribe 2018 Event

Sunday 23 September 2018
Woodbank Park Stockport

Tough Tribe Training Facility

Fantastic outdoor OCR training venue, open throughout the year!