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Important Information for Race Day

ARE YOU TOUGH TRIBE READY? We are! Here is everything you need to know and prepare to make sure you have an amazing Tough Tribe Experience. VERY IMPORTANT: Tough Tribe Waiver – YOU MUST complete this and bring it with you to register on the day. Please register at least 45 minutes before your start  Continue Reading »


Don’t skimp on your functional training!

Obstacle racing combines numerous disciplines and requires training in running, strength work and obstacle techniques. Whilst running forms the fundamental basis for getting around the course, some runners neglect the exercises which will help drag and pull them over the many obstacles assembled testing their strength and agility. I’m someone who doesn’t enjoy running so  Continue Reading »


Top ten things you should know about taking part in an OCR

Participation is all about FUN! Yes, I know, fun WTF? What’s fun about crawling through/under barbed wire (roll!), trying to make it across 150 metres of monkey bars, carrying logs or sandbags up and down a hill or doing burpees until you want to die… The elite athletes are a breed apart, and those of  Continue Reading »


The ultimate kit guide for an OCR event

As a teenager, I was in the scouts. Our motto “be prepared” has never been as relevant to me as it is in OCR. I’m always prepared for whatever the weather, so I tend to carry 3 variations of kit with me at every race, hence the massive hold-all! Warm kit Pride Tech tee Pride  Continue Reading »


Sore as hell…and back for more

Every weekend of every month right across the world people of all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels gather. They prepare in a variety of ways, from donning lucky pants, to ritualistic yogic practices, as they await the countdown that set’s them off across the start line for another OCR! Distances vary, intensities range, obstacles  Continue Reading »


OCR for a beginner and a step by step guide on what to expect

To some OCR is quite daunting, from the cost all the way to what to wear, as there are so many options out there. Looking at booking a race The best bit of advice I can give is to immerse yourself into the various groups on Facebook and do not be afraid to ask questions,  Continue Reading »


Earning my Bling: A Mud Queen story – by Hilary Parker MQ

I’m a fun runner and miss obstacles.  Controversial?  Maybe… I train hard for my races, going to the gym and I’ve even joined a running club. The main reason I may miss obstacles is fear.  Fear of heights and fear of watching people watching me fail. Surely I should be overcoming my fears the more  Continue Reading »

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Tough Tribe OCR is a brand new event for 2017 organised in conjunction with Life Leisure. Located in Woodley taking in the river Thame and the Pennine Trail. Test yourself and be part of the tribe.

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